FP model agency carries out professional model management, the main tasks are:

  • to find and select new perspective talent
  • help models and their parents without mother agencies in initial training and prepare them for professional work as a model
  • during the stay of beginner models abroad, constantly monitor and provide specific individual assistance in all situations and on all issues related to their accommodation, work and rest
  • fully encourage career advancement, development, and improvement of personal qualities of beginner models in the process of their professional formation, based on the opinion that in order to become a good professional model, first, you must become a harmoniously advanced person
  • fully encourage career advancement and professional growth to those models who show themselves productive during the practice
  • guide professionally established models into our partner agencies in European and world centers of the fashion industry to promote them to markets of other countries around the world
  • follow the professional activity of our ward models throughout their entire model biography, provide prompt support and assistance

Stable motivation and an active desire to work as a professional model, outstanding model appearance, positive personal qualities, and developed intelligence are the set of priority criteria that we are guided by while searching for new candidates.

FP model agency

  • it a center for bright, beautiful, unique and, of course, professional models;
    • an opportunity to work in Ukraine and abroad;
    • we work with leading production companies, clip makers, famous designers, advertisers in Ukraine and overseas. Our work includes job supply in all areas of the modeling business: demonstration of clothes, photo and video shooting for magazines, catalogs, outdoor and other types of advertisement, work at exhibitions, conferences, presentations, participation in TV projects and show programs;
    • a professional team that creates all necessary conditions for a successful career, individually paying attention to each model;
    • the opportunity to become a professional and successful model, to work and earn money, to become part of the world of beauty and high fashion;
    • a special training program of the basics of modeling for beginner models.

FP model agency – it’s your chance for success!